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Soundz Off

Soundz Off is an online directory for anyone with hearing loss. The directory includes a list of organisations, support services, forums, social media links and general information for people in the UK who are hard of hearing or deaf.

Whether you have just been diagnosed or whether hearing loss has always been part of your life, Soundz Off is the place to swap stories and experiences, ask questions, pimp your hearing aids or generally ‘sound off’ about all things hard of hearing.

It’s also the right place for families, friends, colleagues and hearing specialists who want to:

  • learn how the ear works
  • find information to help someone they know who has hearing loss
  • learn how to adjust to a life with hearing loss

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25 plus years
Parents and carers
17 to 24 years
11 to 16 years
5 to 10 years
0 to 4 years
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