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Special Needs Footwear and Advice

Established as a London based specialist footwear retailer since 1965 Wide Fit Shoes provide free specialist footwear consultation and advice to disabled and special needs adults and children, their family and carer’s. 

Finding suitable footwear for a range of special needs is not always easy or straight forward, most standard shoe shops will attempt to help you but very few have the expertise to discover your exact needs.  Established footwear retailer since 1965 with lots of experience in dealing with ‘problematic feet" Wide Fit Shoes cater for adults and children that wear  shoes for orthotics and designed to cater for anybody that wears a corrective device for a disability or condition including braces, foot splints and we fully cater for wide trainers for the main special needs children and adults that enjoy a whole range of athletics including the Special Olympics.

Others areas that require expert advice include:

Shoes for diabetics supplied and fitted so they do not cause sores or blisters that can be dangerous for diabetics.

Shoes for Hammer Toes cater for a range of foot deformities often caused by muscle imbalance.

Shoes for plantar fasciitis these alleviate heal pain caused by a number of conditions.

Shoes for lymphoedema are designed to cater for swollen feet, often a condition of the less mobile.


Many answers or problems can be undertaken over the phone but parents or carers of the disabled and specials child or adult are most welcome in person in our Harrow based shop.  We also assist orthopaedic hospitals, podiatrists, foot clinics, general health clinics and doctors’ surgeries throughout all London Boroughs by offering personal referrals and specialist advice so that the footwear needs of people with disabilities and specific health conditions and correctly catered for.

Anybody suffering from the any of the conditions above or require  shoes and footwear for any specific problem can find out more via the links or by calling us for free over the phone advice or by making an appointing for a free consultation to discuss the exact footwear healthcare needs.

Advice and consultation is provided free for  all conditions that cause buying standard footwear to be impossible, there is no obligation to purchase shoes or footwear or even to visit our store, telephone advice is always available to cater for all areas. 

Wide Fit Shoes offer the best advice to cater for your disability or healthcare needs in footwear and are passionate about ensuring all people with disabilities have access to the best advice and are able to receive specialist advice and services when needed.

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