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Toilet aids advice

This is a test advice note for toilet use

Children's continuing care

Children's continuing care is provided by NHS Croydon CCG and is for children and young people under 18 with complex health needs which arise because of: Disability Accident or illness (including life limiting or life-threatening conditions) and whose health needs cannot be met by existing…

Community paediatricians (Children's medical services)

A comprehensive range of services for children and young people are offered at community clinics, schools and at the Crystal children's development centre. Children and young people with severe and complex needs or a disability who attend a special school may be seen at the…

SEND support funding for early years settings

  EY settings are able to draw on a range of funding streams to provide extra help for children with SEND, including:

SEND and the law

  National documents and guidance setting out statutory duties and recommendations related to policy and practice for children and young people with SEND. Children and Families Act 2014: Legislation which sets out government reforms to give greater protection to vulnerable children and young people; Part…

Early years educational settings

  The choice and opportunities for early education and childcare for children aged between 0-4 years with SEND are the same as those for other children. The choices you have include: Childminders; providing full/part time child care within their own home Day care; provide full/…

Support in early years settings

  What extra support is available to help my child in early years settings? All early years settings have arrangements in place to identify and give extra help to children with special educational needs or disability (SEND). If your child is making slower progress in…

Other help in early years settings

Early Years SEND team The Early Years SEND team provide support for children under 5 who have significant developmental delays, complex medical needs or disability and/or social and communication difficulties. The team work directly with families and early years settings to ensure that each child’s…

Access to work

Access to work funding is provided by the Department for Work and Pensions to support young people and adults with learning difficulties or disabilities into employment. The funding is for equipment or additional support you may need so you can work. You can find more…

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