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Frequently asked questions

Some of our most asked questions about SEND are listed below. 

Full-time education post-16

You can choose the following options continue in full -time study  after Year 11:

Get support and advice about autism

Autism is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them.  Autism is a spectrum condition, meaning that some people are affected more significantly than others.  Autism is sometimes called Autistic…

Getting the right benefits

You can find more information on benefits or grants you may be able to claim within the Money and benefits section of the Local Offer directory, or via by clicking the following external links: Access to work Disablity Living Allowance - Adults Disability Living…

Health, wellbeing and leisure

Information and advice on health, wellbeing and leisure services that are available in and around Croydon. This includes who the services are suitable for, how to access them and who to contact for more information. 

Healthy Families, Brighter Future (HENRY Croydon)

Croydon is offering the free Healthy Families, Brighter Future programme to residents to help give children in the borough the best possible start in life. Families with children aged 7 and under can sign up to the eight-week programme run by the charity HENRY to learn more…

Home schooling: Online lessons

This is an example of a daily schedule to help you add structure and education to your child's day during the coronavirus lockdown. There are many online resources available to help you during the current lockdown and we've put together a selection of favourites for…

Hospice care

Children's hospices provide respite and terminal care for children suffering from life-limiting conditions in a home-from-home environment. Care is provided for the child and their family at no cost to them for as long as is necessary. Post bereavement support is also available. Eligibility Children…

Information, support and advice

In Croydon, there are different organisations that can offer impartial help that is reliable and useful. You can find details of organisations in the Local Offer directory, within the Information, guidance, advocacy and support section.

Join the Disability Register and apply for an Access Card

About Croydon’s disability register The council has a statutory responsibility to maintain a register of children and young people with disabilities who live in the borough. The register is used to provide support to children and young people with disabilities, and their carers. It also…

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