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What to do if a parent/carer or young person disagrees with a decision that the LA has made regarding Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs and assessments or issue of an EHC plan? Disagreements about LA decisions usually relate to the following: Decision not to…

Other benefits and information

There may be other benefits or grants that you can apply for. You can find more information, check your eligibility and claim for Benefits via (external link). There are also several organisations in and around Croydon that offer advice on benefits and managing your…

Other education services

Other education services can be found using the dropdowns below and these links:  Springboard tuition Home tuition Home-school transport Youth offending service

Other help in early years settings

Early Years SEND team The Early Years SEND team provide support for children under 5 who have significant developmental delays, complex medical needs or disability and/or social and communication difficulties. The team work directly with families and early years settings to ensure that each child’s…

SEND and the law

  National documents and guidance setting out statutory duties and recommendations related to policy and practice for children and young people with SEND. Children and Families Act 2014: Legislation which sets out government reforms to give greater protection to vulnerable children and young people; Part…

SEND explained

All about SEND? What do we mean by special educational needs and disability? Special Educational Needs and Disability (often shortened to SEND) describes the needs of children and young people who have a difficulty or disability that makes learning harder for them than most children…

SEND support explained

Most children are able to make good progress from modifications and differentiation in routine daily teaching.  A smaller group of pupils may experience difficulties which make it harder for them to learn. They may require additional or different support from that which normally given in…

SEND support funding

 “Schools must use their best endeavours to make sure that a child with SEND gets the support they need.” SEND Code of Practice 2015. Schools have three sources of funding referred to as ‘Elements’. Elements 1 and 2 (Schools Block), is funding given directly (delegated…

SEND support funding for early years settings

  EY settings are able to draw on a range of funding streams to provide extra help for children with SEND, including:

Support and services

Information and advice on in-house services and those of our partner organisations to support children and young people with SEND and their parents/carers to achieve the best outcomes. 

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