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Other education services

Other education services can be found using the dropdowns below and these links: 

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Youth offending service

Educational Psychology Service

Educational Psychologists (often shortened to EPs) have specialist qualifications and training in the development, learning and behaviour of children and young people.

Every Croydon state funded school has an allocated EP.

The role of the EP:

  • EPs first get involved when the school is seeking advice about a pupil they are concerned about.
  • EPs will only work with a pupil directly if there is written consent from parents or carers.
  • EPs make assessments of children by observing them in class, working with them individually, carrying out tests and/or talking to parents and teachers.
  • EPs will work collaboratively with teachers and families to develop and plan approaches and strategies that will offer the most suitable support for the pupil.
  • EPs provide advice as part of an EHC needs assessment and will contribute to the annual or transition reviews for children and young people with EHC plans.
  • EPS will share copies of any written reports with parents and carers.

In Croydon, the Local Authority commissions (buys) EP support from the Octavo Educational Psychologist Service. Each school is allocated an amount of EP time to carry out core functions.

It is up to each school to decide how they prioritise and use this time.

Schools can buy more support from the Octavo Educational Psychologist Service or choose to buy additional EP support from independent educational psychologist service.

The LA will consider reports from independent educational psychologists  as part of an EHC needs assessment or as part of the annual EHC Plan review providing they have the appropriate qualifications.

Croydon Sensory Support Service (CSSS)

Croydon Sensory Support Service (CSSS) support the educational access and achievement of children and pupils with hearing and visual impairments and encourage pupil participation in all aspects of school life.

The specialist teaching and support staff of CSSS develop working partnerships with health professionals, families, carers, school staff and pupils. Our aim is to maximise for all pupils:

  • educational achievement
  • successful participation
  • independence and confidence in the management of disability for life.

The service offers a wide range of individualised educational support to hearing impaired and visually impaired children and young people at all stages of the code of practice of special educational need. The service is available from diagnosis and continues throughout the pupil's school career as necessary.

Teaching and educational support are provided by specialist staff working in the hearing and visual impairment peripatetic services (home and school visiting) and enhanced learning provisions within two mainstream school.

All staff within the service have enhanced DBS clearance, and adhere to child safeguarding procedures of the local authority.

Independent Special Schools and Colleges.

In regards to information and a list of Independent Special Schools and Colleges approved under Section 41 of the Children and Families Act please go directly to the YOU.GOV.UK website by clicking on the link below:

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