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Apply for speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapy aims to support children's fluency, speech, language, communication skills and feeding difficulties, by working with parents, carers and key professionals to provide timely assessment, therapy and advice.

Types of provision include:

  • advice and training for parents of children with specialist levels of needs
  • ensuring environments that children and young people access are appropriately adapted
  • specialist assessment of speech, language and communication needs for children
  • specialist interventions for children needing them, on an individual or group basis
  • access to, and support in using, augmentative and alternative communication aids
  • support to manage dysphagia at home and within education settings
  • additional services commissioned by schools’

The service provides a range of provision across universal, and specialist levels, including working with:

  • children’s centres, nurseries, schools and other establishments to provide parents/carers, childcare, health and education staff with language and communication information, advice and guidance sessions, and training for the wider workforce.
  • education, health and other staff to identify children with potential swallowing, speech, language and/or communication needs.

Targeted provision includes:

  • initial assessment and targeted interventions for eligible children.
  • drop-in sessions for parents and training for early years, school staff and the wider workforce.
  • supporting group interventions, with the wider workforce, for children presenting with mild/moderate speech and language needs, or more significant needs where appropriate.
  • information and training sessions for parents of children attending targeted interventions.

The service is delivered in appropriate locations and settings to ensure easy access for children and families and delivery of functional goals.

Provision for children of school age will be based at school where possible or in appropriate accessible locations where the child or young person's need cannot be met in their own school.

Provision for children under five will be based around appropriate community locations.


  • Children and young people aged from birth to their nineteenth birthday who are resident in Croydon or registered with a Croydon GP.
  • Children who attend Croydon schools but are not registered with a Croydon GP and who do not live in Croydon will have free access to universal services. Targeted or specialist services will be available to these children either via a reciprocal arrangement with the responsible Clinical Commissioning Group or Local Authority, or as an individually funded package for which the service will charge the relevant Clinical Commissioning Group or Local Authority.
  • Services will also be provided to those with no fixed abode such as refugees or families in hostels.


  • for children in early years is via Chatterbox groups; please contact your local Children’s Centre for details of these.
  • for children in Croydon schools is via the termly advice clinic; please contact your child’s SENCO.
  • for children who attend schools outside Croydon can be made directly to the service, with parental consent.
  • for children with complex special needs (in specialist seating, oxygen-dependent or immuno-compromised) or eating and drinking difficulties can be made directly to the service, with parental consent.
  • Request for statutory advice via the council

How to get in touch

You can contact the Speech and Language Therapy Service (SLT) in any of the following ways.

  • Phone: 020 8714 2594
  • Address: Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service, Sanderstead Clinic, 40 Rectory Park, South Croydon, CR2 9JN

The service is available during normal working hours (9am to 5pm).

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