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Youth offending

Young people detained in custody and released from custody


Children and young people detained in youth custody – up to age 18

The Youth Offending Service and the SEN team have a system in place to identify whether a young person being detained in youth custody has an Education Health and Care Plan.

Young people with an EHC Plan

The SEN team will share a EHC Plan with the Youth Offending Service, the youth accommodation and the detained person’s health commissioner within 5 days of being notified.

The SEN team will work with the youth accommodation to ensure that appropriate education is provided in line with the young person’s EHC Plan.

If an EHC Plan has a health component the youth accommodation will work with the health commissioner (NHS England) to provide appropriate healthcare provision.

The youth accommodation will use the young person’s EHC Plan to monitor their progress in detention. Annual reviews will be held and results will be shared with the SEN service.

Young people without an EHC Plan

Parents or the young person if aged 16 can request an assessment for post-detention education health and care needs from their local authority. Anyone else, including the Youth Offending Service, health and social care professionals and the education provider in custody, has a right to bring the detained person to the notice of the local authority as someone who may have special educational needs. The SEN service will then consider whether an assessment of their post-detention EHC needs is necessary and will use the same process as for other EHC Plan assessments.

Young person released from custody

The Youth Offending Service works closely with Croydon’s Learning Access Team, Croydon SEN team, schools, Pupil Referrals Units and Secure Estates to ensure that young people under 18 with SEN are re-engaged back in to suitable education upon their release from custody. New cases are discussed weekly at Croydon Youth Offending Service internal New Cases Panel. The Panel has representatives from the Youth Offending Service, Education, Substance Misuse, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and the Family Resilience Service.

Remand and Custody cases are also discussed at Croydon Youth Offending Service on a monthly basis including those with special needs.

Young People who are NEET

Young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) who may be at risk of offending are referred to the Senior Youth Offending Service Education Project Worker (if statutory school age) or Youth Offending Service Post 16 Personal Adviser. The young person’s Education Health and Care Plan is shared with relevant professionals to ensure that the individuals specific needs are met. Support services include:

  • The Youth Offending Service will offer Speech and Language Therapy screening/assessments to all young people with an Education Health and Care Plan
  • Positive activities will be explored and encouraged
  • Mentoring is provided via Ment4 (limited spaces available)
  • Liaison with schools to ensure a smooth transition from custody to community
  • Referrals for assessment for an EHC Plan if they believe a young person has SEN

How to get in touch

You can contact the Youth Offending Service in any of the following ways.

  • Phone: 020 8404 5800
  • Address: Youth Offending Service, Turnaround Centre, 51-55 South End, Croydon, CR0 1BF

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