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Coronavirus resources: Council services

Direct payments

Children with disabilities in Croydon continues to offer direct payments to families during this period. This is the period when most parents and carers need the support the most as their children are at home.

Parents /carers are the employer when using direct payments. There have been a number of circumstances where personal assistants have not been able to provide support due to the government guidelines around COVID-19. In response, the Children With Disabilities (CWD) team have given flexibility to parents concerning how they can use the direct payments other than paying for personal assistants. In circumstances where parents are in doubt concerning the use of direct payments they should contact their social worker or family support worker.

SEN Hotline

Due to the current situation and our response to COVID-19, Croydon’s SEN Service team members are social distancing, until further notice.   We ask that if you have an enquiry that this is emailed to:

If you would like to speak with Croydon’s SEN Service over the phone, please email your contact details and convenient times/dates for us to call.  A member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Short breaks provision

Calleydown is open. CWD are in regular discussions about when we are likely to increase the number of children who use Calleydown for respite. Whatever decisions we make concerning increasing capacity at Calleydown will have to be agreed by our colleagues in Public Health and in line with government advice. 

CWD have recently contacted all parents/carers for children who use Calleydown to find out if they will need support during the summer holidays. We are in the process of creating a provisional plan. In circumstances where there are families who are struggling to cope in  the interim period, they should contact their social worker/family support worker and we will look at alternative support options for them.

Support for parents/carers in self isolation or ill with COVID

If you are self-isolating or diagnosed with COVID-19 and you have concerns about care for your child or young person with SEND while you're unwell, contact the Children With Disabilities duty teams.

The phone lines are answered between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Youth Disability Service

Visit this page for the latest updates to the Youth Disability Services.

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